Even the Flies Won't Touch You

by Rectal Hygienics

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DL-001 True spirited negativity that's all too real. Honest approach to pure shameless noise rock. Repetitive, pathological riffing underlying belligerent utters of self-loathing guilt. Heavy drugged out sludge.

LP Version Coming Soon on Torn Light Records


released November 5, 2012

Recorded By Matt Ibarra September 2012
Mastered By Dennis Pleckham at Comatose
Artwork/Layout By Omar Gonzalez

Mitchell Buller-Bass
Omar Gonzalez-Drums
Matt Ibarra-Vocals
Will McEvilly-Guitar



all rights reserved


depravitylabel@gmail.com Chicago, Illinois

Started in 2012 and based out of Chicago, IL. Dedicated to releasing only the most negative and extreme underground music.

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Track Name: Bad Behavior
my anger has nothing
to do with hate
business is business
and that's all it is to me
i'm straight to the point
and that's how i like it
your bad behavior
determines your luck
too empty
too careless
my coldness
will be the last thing that you feel
if i have to kill you
it's not because i hate you
if i have to kill you
it's because i love to
Track Name: Transvestite
six in the morning
i'm still awake
baiting for more
until i spot them
two men dressed as women
sitting in a car
i know what they do
i know what they are
i ask if he's holding
i ask to fuck his ass
but he's scared to
and i'm scared too
he starts to tremble
he starts to shake
at the sight of me
don't be scared
stupid whore
it's six in the morning
give it to me
give me what i want
give it to me
Track Name: Heroin Whore
spoiled fuck machine
think you're one easy street
you're a slave to man
and what he puts inside of you
stinking pack mule
you smell like shit
you worship children
even the flies won't touch you
you make me sick
you make me sick
i haven't eaten in days
and i want to fucking vomit
you make me sick
you make me sick
but i wish you were mine
because i'm a fucking hypocrite
hooker with a middle class haircut
never worked a day in your life
you found someone with money
someone to smack you around
worthless mother
he has your eyes
his father's busy
filling up his other wives
i think i've seen you before
in a movie naked on your knees
surrounded by three black men
you mean nothing me
now you're surrounded
by three white junkies
in a room full of trash
i'm not surprised
heroin whore
track mark tease
your big tits
mean nothing me
Track Name: Period Fuck
i'm not afraid of some blood
it would have happened anyway
i like to see it on my dick
days after we fuck
days after we fuck
until i find somebody else
i'll use to clean it off
clean my come off your body
open your legs
let me in
open your legs
let it stick
you keep talking
you won't shut up
saying his name
as I take your clothes off
young girls are so easy
they want to think they're a woman
so they fuck people like me
to feel good
Track Name: Shameless
i had no interest
in you at all
until i heard you on your phone
fighting with your boyfriend
and I thought
what a perfect opportunity
take off your clothes
bit by bit
pretend you're hard
hard to get